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Welcome to Regenerate your place for therapeutic and psychological services for individuals, couples & corporates

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What is offered


Individual, Couples or Child

Corporate Consultation

Psychosocial Services for companies

Training & Workshops

Psychoeducational Workshops

What to expect?

Therapy is a journey built on mutual trust, respect and commitment. Through self-reflection and awareness you will be able to understand your emotions and behaviour.


By setting therapeutic goals, and creating a safe space together we can explore better what are your fears, internal beliefs and your needs. 

For further information check out the Services and for research done check out the Resources

Languages Spoken:

  • Maltese

  • English

  • Italian

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Anthea, 37 years old

*name is Pseudonym

"Therapy with Reb has offered me the space to understand how my past relates to my present. Thank you for your support and kind understanding"

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